Managing With Mind & Heart – Corporate Program

Most organizations have acknowledged the fact that, happy employees produce more than unhappy ones over the long term.

Happy employees show up at work on time, they’re ready to work, less likely to quit, they go above and beyond the call of duty, and they attract people who are just as committed to the job. 

“They are not sprinters; they’re more like marathon runners, in it for the long haul!” 

Most evolved employers realise that a mentally healthy workforce is the key to running a profitable business. Studies have shown that more than half of employees feel disengaged at work.


Effective teams that produce results.


Your team to become emotionally intelligent.


Quantifiable Results that continue to grow.

Damien Munro offers a platform which focuses on Inner Health and Emotional Intelligence, a powerful way to creating a robust high performing workforce.
Damien offers a wide array of customisable programs to suit your corporate training needs, such as;
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Critical Conversations
  • Stress Management
  • Personality Profiling
  • Team Architecture
  • Building High Impact Teams
  • Influencing Skills & Etiquette
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Relationship Management
  • Action Centered Leadership
In order to deliver the above programs, we implement a wide array of techniques, designed to bring structure and order to the workplace.
Damien will assist with:
  • How to humanize the corporate environment
  • How to create a management style that moves from
– Judgement to Awareness
– Reactive to Responsive
– Fear to Faith
  • Understand your “style” using Psycho-Geometrics (the Science of decoding people using geometric shapes)
  • Business Presentation Skills
A combination of both Individual Executive coaching and team wide training always offers the best approach to address individual needs.

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