The Miracle Life Retreat is where you’ll gain the confidence
building tools you need to live your highest purpose,
connect to your soul and open to your greatest gifts!


If you've been thinking about, contemplating and meditating on your purpose
and life dream but you've been holding back or playing it small,
the Heal Your Life: Miracle Life Retreat is for you.

During the past five years, I've worked as an International Speaker,  Author and Metaphysical Teacher. Through my transformational events and programs, I've helped hundreds of people step into their power, own their purpose and start doing what they’ve been dreaming of.

Now it's Your Turn.

During MLR I’ll show you how to…

  • Release the blocks that hold you back from stepping into your greatness
  • Learn how your passion becomes your paycheck by following my proven system to release the “I’m not good enough” to follow my dream!
  • Become unapologetic about deserving to live the life you desire
  • Discover how to attract your perfect life partner. They may even turn up the week after the program (it’s happened before).
  • Learn how to FASCINATE by discovering your unique qualities and SHINE like a diamond.
  • Become confident in your health, whether facing a challenge or taking it to the next level.
  • Manifest your desires through my step-by-step guide to activating the Law of attraction from within.

The real deal! Damien's the Australian version of Louise Hay herself. I haven't met anyone who embodies and lives the teachings as much he as does. There's no one more qualified than Damien to help you create the life you deserve to live.

Tonia Reeves
Tonia Reeves

Damien is a true inspiration! He continuously inspires me to take my personal healing and inner growth to a new level. Each time I see him, my spirits are lifted to new heights.

Lynette Packer
Lynette Packer


Miracle Life Retreat isn't just some kinda training where we talk ideas; it's an experience.
An experience that starts with doing deep personal work.

You’ll connect with yourself in a way that you’ve been longing for amidst the craziness of everyday life. You’ll learn how to listen to the wisdom of your inner guide over all the noise — the noise of your own doubts and fears as well as the chaos of the world around you. By learning how to make decisions with a miracle mindset, you’ll feel inspired, energized and confident!

And while the Miracle Life Retreat is a deep set of processes, it’s also A LOT of fun! The energy of the event continues to ripple out into the rest of your life and transports you to where your dreams have been living.

Let me break things down for you. When you join Miracle Life retreat,
you can expect:

  • Step-by-Step Guidance

    I’ll teach you the practicalities of how to open spiritually, dissolve barriers to your dreams, open your heart fully, clear your head, take control over anxiety and stress, get the much needed space in your life and much more. Over the past 15 years I’ve learned so much and I won’t hold anything back.

  • A Community Like No Other

    One of the aspects that Miracle Lifer’s enjoy the most about this event is the positivity, love and support they feel when we’re all connecting. The moment you arrive, you’ll know you’ve found your tribe. You’ll be part of a soulful family, where you’ll build the kind of connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

  • The Opportunity to Deepen Your Practice

    I believe the fastest path to success in life starts with enriching your spiritual practice. During the retreat you’ll learn techniques and methods that’ll help you tune in to your inner wisdom and really shine light on what’s calling you. This is about more than just getting what you want — it’s also about creating the kind of spiritual experience of miracles that allows you to step into your highest purpose with a conviction you’ve never felt before.

  • A Program That Meets You Where You're At

    The Miracle Life Retreat attracts people from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds.And that’s part of what makes it such a special program. The only requirement is your willingness to be open and receptive. I’ll meet you wherever you are on your path of personal and professional growth, and we’ll hold the space so you can have the experience that will be the most meaningful for you. Wherever you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be.


As well as having a deeply transformational experience, expect to feel nurtured and taken care of during every step of the process.

  • 2 night’s accommodation (opportunity to extend your stay an additional night, travel back the next morning)
  • Deeply nourishing vegetarian soul food (catered by RawJoy Melbourne, no you won’t go hungry)
  • The opportunity to deepen your spiritual and meditation practices
  • Full materials and meditations to tune your vibes
  • AM & PM Yoga + meditation sessions to ground your learnings
  • Be immersed in the philosophy of Louise L. Hay, proven to have changed millions of people’s lives
  • Time to rejuvenate in the natural surrounds, explore the the bushland, and connect to your soul
  • Gifts and surprises to delight your soul
  • Optional spiritual healing session available (with Spiritual Healer Joanne Walsh)


Book the following dates off work, start pack'n ya bag and be ready for the greatest spiritual and emotional growth in your life.




  • Friday, 19th Aug 2016
  • 1:00pm Melbourne




  • Sunday, 21st Aug 2016
  • 5:00pm Melbourne


Amarant Retreat Facility rests in 25 acres of magical temperate-rainforest on Mount Ben Cairn in the Yarra Ranges National Park, 70km north east of Melbourne.

Amarant is the vision of Dr Hanna Cyncynatus, to create a unique, boutique retreat specialising in courses and events that align cutting edge knowledge in nutrition, leadership and spiritual growth.

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22 Years ago (yes, I was only 10 years old), I came across my first spiritual book "You Can Heal Your Life" and the big dream was awakened like a giant within. I felt a calling to learn as much about spirituality, alchemy and how our thoughts create our reality.

From an early age, an avid student, called to become a teacher of metaphysics and philosophy. To lead, to heal and to make a huge impact on the world. To create a world where it is safe to love yourself and create miracles in everyday life!

One day at a time I healed my fearful perceptions, deepened my spiritual practice, strengthened my faith and took small right actions toward my dreams.

Today I’m proud to say that my dreams and more have come true (and keep coming true). I’m an author, I’ve spoken on stages in 3 countries, and I’ve been interviewed for conferences and radio worldwide.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach and coach people through Louise Hay's methods, Workshops, and live events, to help them turn their visions into reality.

But what’s most important is that I’m fulfilling my mission: to help you awaken to your miraculous life so you can confidently live in your own unique way.

I created the Miracle Life Retreat to remind you that your life matters. That you deserve to have the career you want, live vibrantly and healthfully and make your mark on this beautiful planet. And that your personal transformation has the power to make a massive imprint on the world.

The Miracle Life Retreat guides you to step out into the world and stamp your name on it, whether you’re starting from scratch or building on what practices you’ve already established.

You’ll receive priceless practical guidance along with everything you need to get to the next level of inner growth and personal development. I’ll help you create a clear and powerful plan so you can take action right away and far into the future.

More importantly, you’ll gain the confidence to rise up and fulfill your purpose.

I feel a deep responsibility to support every element of your journey. It’s time to step into your power so that you can help others do the same. This is your time.


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