"When We Eliminate Negative Thinking

The Only Thoughts Left Are Positive"

- Damien Munro

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Heal Your Life Teacher Trainer For Aust. & NZ

Damien Munro is the Heal Your Life Teacher Trainer for Australia & New Zealand, Author and contributor to magazines and online platforms.

Qualified Kinesiologist, Nutritionist, Life Coach and Yoga Instructor, Damien helps people discover the link between their Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions.

He has featured in international media, recently selected for Visionary Insight Press' Spiritual Leaders Top Picks and announced by the G.U.R.U Academy as a Top Expert for 2018.

Most people spend years trying to change by thinking positive thoughts. However, Damien's flipped this usual idea on it's head.

He says... "When we remove negative thinking, the only thoughts left are positive."

"There’s no big secret! It doesn’t take a miracle cure, just a willingness to look within and eliminate negative thinking".


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Nina Ricardi

Before I did one of Damien’s 2 day workshops, there definitely was no room left for anything positive!

I was hijacked by constant negative thoughts, once that was released… my mind was free and clear and I had room to allow the positive in.

It is quite remarkable and now I just can’t get enough of it.

Damien is a great teacher and am so grateful to him 😃

Nina Ricardi Melbourne, VIC



Feedback from Damien's most recent workshop participants

  • I love your program and your involvement in teaching it. With me every step of the way, I felt safe, supported and cared for. Excellent material, very easy to follow and apply. You are amazing, Damien. Thank you.
    Silvina Fernandez Silvina Fernandez Miami, Florida - USA
  • If not because of Damien I would not be standing strong like I am now. Before working with him I suffered from anxiety and cried everyday. I couldn't stand to live my life like this anymore. I appreciate myself way more than I ever used to, thank you for your powerful support in my life. Damien is the “Cream of the Crop”
    Alma Priyadi Alma Priyadi Melbourne, VIC - Aust.
  • It's nice to finally meet someone who just says it how it is and who actually gives you the tools to be greater than you once were.
    Kim Dobell Kim Dobell Echuca, VIC - Aust
  • After years of trying everything from selfhelp books to group therapy, YOU were the one that helped me connect the dots and get through old emotional baggage. Damien taught me how to step forward in life as the real ME. I'm forever grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and insight.
    Adelheid Mackenzie Adelheid Mackenzie Altona, VIC - Aust.

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