Looking forward and seeing a Shiny New Year coming our way is like seeing a fresh new slate!

If you’re like me… filled with hope and desire to set and achieve new goals in 2019, then adding a few easy to follow guidelines is the fastest way for you to get them done.

Assuming that is you, here are four simple guidelines to help you change your life and achieve your goals this year:

  1. Define Your Goals

    Start by defining the goals you want to achieve for yourself. The most important step of all.

    Think of it this way; if you don’t know what you want to achieve, then this is exactly what life will bring you *Nothing*.

    When I first heard about making a list of goals, it felt a little strange and maybe even a little weird. Did I have a right to have what I wanted? Come to think of it… I didn’t even know what I wanted. Not knowing created a massive issue.

    How could I ask for something when I didn’t even know what I was asking for?

    You could begin by asking yourself: What would I like to be different? Or if I could change one thing, what would it be?

    With a little bit of self-inquiry, you can start thinking about what you do want for yourself in your life, make a simple list and decide which of those need a routine.

    Be sure to consider setting goals for both personal/life and professional/work.

    Here’s an easy example: To improve your fitness (Yikes, we all want this at the beginning of every year). The first step is to schedule exercise for how often you think you’d like to do it in a week on your calendar.

    Now, map out a plan of how you’ll accomplish the task. First, you’ll want to find an exercise you like; it could be walking, joining a group exercise class, yoga, joining a gym or getting a personal trainer. Then you’ll need to buy supplies, like well-fitting shoes, a water bottle & towel etc.

    The most important thing is to decide and schedule it.

    So here’s our defined goal from the example above:
    Attend a yoga class 3 times per week at 6:00 pm (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

    To achieve this I will need the following:
    Initially, I will need some new shorts, a loose-fitting tee and a drink bottle. For the first week, I will use a yoga matt from the studio, until I find one I like and Monthly Pass to my local yoga studio.

    💥 BOOM! Your goal is defined and scheduled!

  2. The C-Word!

    Commitment (not the real problem).

    OK, so here’s something which comes up in private sessions a lot!!

    Many people think they have a commitment issue and this is not true. The reason you haven’t achieved in the past IS NOT from a lack of commitment. Simply, commitment is as easy as Schedule It and Show-Up!

    On the contrary, actually! Whether this is fitness, a new job, or a loving relationship. The reason for your difficulty in committing to the goal is because of a thing called internal resistance. A deeper inner belief within you says “I don’t deserve the good in my life”.

    A way of noticing if Internal Resistance (IR) is messing with your goals is to check how you feel. When IR is getting in my way it feels like the static from an old TV set sitting over my heart.

    Stop trying to commit to your goal and start believing you deserve to have the good the goal will bring you.

    When you don’t believe you deserve the outcome, you will come up with every excuse under the sun to not follow through on your commitment and avoid your scheduled appointment with your goal.

    So this is where point 3 is important. When we believe we deserve the outcome, commitment is easy.

  3. Plan For Your Failures


    Have a backup plan for your so-called “failures”.

    Of course, I don’t really believe in failing. You simply do or do not (thanks Yoda). Some people get overly emotional to the point where they don’t continue when their routines fail.

    The old negative thought patterns come up, like “I told you, I’m no good”, “I knew I couldn’t stick with it”, “This always happens to me” or “I’m useless”.

    Somewhere you have learnt these things about yourself and not a single one of them is true. You can let them go. Think of thoughts like those as just another reason to beat yourselves up and believe you’re a bad a person. It’s simply old outdated thinking

    TRUTH BOMB 💣: You ARE a good person!

    By planning for missed commitment to yourself, you can simply put it down as a missed appointment rather than seeing yourself as a failure.

  4. Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is one of the easier and best things you can do!

This makes your achievements visible. When you can see if you’ve stuck to your schedule and been following through with the steps to achieve your goals, it becomes thrilling. A feeling of achievement takes over and keeps propelling you forward.

It’s like you’re being magnetised to the outcome.

The simplest and easiest way to do this is by marking off your progress on a wall calendar. When you complete the task for the day, cross it off with Green. If you didn’t complete it cross it with Red.

When you complete the week and if all days were completed, put a line through it with green. If you didn’t complete it each day of the week cross it with red.

This has a huge psychological impact on you and I promise you this… You will not want to cross any days with red. Remember getting a gold star at primary school? It’s the same feeling when you cross it with green!

Performing well and achieving your goals is easy when you have a system in place, especially a simple one.

Create a goal which excites you and lights a fire under you, be willing to set a schedule, commit to your schedule, plan for your failures and track your progress.

I promise if you do all of the steps above, you’ll be achieving your goals in record time!

Stay beautiful and remember I love you,






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