Putting off tasks we don’t want to do… That’s the essence of procrastination, isn’t it?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably struggled with procrastination in the past and maybe even asked yourself: “Why do I keep procrastinating?”.

What if I told you there’s a deeper meaning or reason for your procrastination and when you understand it, you become motivated to easily take action?

Sounds like a miracle doesn’t it! #SignMeUp


If you think of procrastination as a habit, then you can take steps to dissolve this habit.


It’s much easier to change smaller habits and do it consistently, rather than trying to tackle a large habit.


When we overcome our reasons for procrastinating everything changes. Taking action to achieving your goals becomes simple and easy.

Here’s how I stopped procrastinating and started achieving more with my life!


Set Up A System:

Try to set up a system that you can use that helps you with the small tasks.

For instance, dedicate Mondays to clearing out unwanted or unread emails. You could set aside some time on Tuesdays to catch up on the latest news and information you find important. Wednesday could be used to answer voicemails and return calls as needed, and so on.

If you don’t want to do this on such a granular level as daily, try to dedicate each week of the month towards some task.

However, this can be difficult if the tasks are small and don’t require a week to complete. Just experiment and try to figure out what works best for you.

Once you start tackling the smaller tasks, they can be stepping stones for getting the larger tasks complete.

Most of the tasks you do during a given day are interrelated with others. The good news is when you complete a bunch of smaller tasks, certain aspects of the larger ones may already be done.


Procrastination Is A Habit

Because procrastination is a habit, you have to commit to dissolving it. I don’t like the ida of breaking habits. It just feels harsh and damaging!

You’ve probably been harsh enough on yourself in the past and chances are its done more damage than good. So let’s let go of the idea of breaking habits.

Dissolving habits just feels  little more comfortable to me. It’s like sending it back to the nothingness from where it came.

Dissolving our habit of procrastination meansyou need to be consistent with your actions until the point where you aren’t procrastinating anymore.

The first few days or weeks are the tough parts. As you learn news ways of thinking and doing things, you might remember one day and forget the next.


Build Yourself Up!

When you notice this happening, don’t beat yourself up. Encourage yourself to keep going. Remind yourself your learning something new and congratulate yourself for every little step forward you make in your progress.

Criticism breaks your inner spirit, praise builds it up. If you spoke to a child the way you criticized yourself for not getting it perfect the first time, they’d never try anything new.

It  does get easier, as long as you take action and keep going.

Be really kind to yourself. Treat yourself like you would a small child who was learning something for the very first time. If you knew differently, you’d do things differently. Now you’re learning and you’ll do them differently in the future.


How to stop procrastinating in 5 easy steps

The Real Reason You Procrastinate

As well as procrastination being a habit, there’s a much more insidious emotional cause. After working with thousands of people in workshops, speaking engagements and 1-on-1 coaching, I’ve discovered one common pattern amongst all procrastinators!

Procrastination has everything to do with believing we’re simply not good enough. It’s another way of saying I don’t deserve and delaying good from coming into our lives.

If we felt we were good enough as we are or believed we deserve the end result of the actions we’ve been putting off… then there’d be no need to procrastinate.

So another useful thing to do when we procrastinate and put things off is to ask ourselves…

What am I getting out of delaying or why do I believe I don’ deserve to have this (result) in my life.

Once we overcome the inner belief of not being good enough or not deserving, then we can move on with the doing, and its a whole lot easier.


Demands Of Others

Now, what if you have too many of those small tasks, to begin with?.

First, you have to figure out if this was self-inflicted or truly the result of someone (like your boss) giving you too much to do.

If you’re the culprit, then you need to figure out which tasks are important and which ones can be let go of. If your manager or boss is responsible, speak with them, ask for their help to prioritise.


Delegate & Ask For Help!

Try to delegate tasks whenever you can. It’s strong and empowering to ask for help! People love to help and no you’re being a burden… all you need to do is reach out and ask for it. When you do, you will find support waiting for you.

Sun up for my free coaching series and go for the good in your life, know that you’ve got my permission to have what you want.

Stay beautiful and remember I love you!






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