5 Steps: How To Overcome Fear & Doubt

Wanna know how I’m dealing with the fear and insanity that’s flooding our social streams right now?

I dunno about you, but… With all of the changes swirling around us it’s hard to keep both feet on the ground.

So much fear seems to be hitting my Instagram, Facebook and YouTube feed it’s crazy. I can’t stop thinking maybe the worlds gone a little insane. Even when we know it hasn’t (or has it?).

Watch below and be free of fear.


When we experience change, it can be difficult not to fall into fearful thoughts.

“Recognise Fear”

Become aware of when you fall into patterns of fearful thinking. This might feel like a coldness and tingling in your body, shaking or a shortness of breath. Use these sensations as your indicator of when you’re experiencing fear.

“Seek Support”

Comfort yourself and others by saying: It’s OK to feel this way. I’m sorry for the pain your feeling.

“Redirect the Focus”

Redirect the conversation from fear to love. Find a way to distract yourself or others from getting into negative talk. “Can you smell popcorn” changes the subject FAST 😉 (I know you’re sniffing to see if you can smell it now :-P)

“Affirm What you Want”

Let’s Affirm Together: I am safe, all is well in my world and out of this situation only good will come.

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    15 replies to "5 easy steps: How to Overcome Fear & Doubt"

    • Giampietro

      Love it:) well.done.Damien:)

    • munrodamien

      Thanks Giampi. Glad you to hear you enjoyed 🙂

    • Tammi

      Dear Damien,
      Appreciate the clarity. You’re spot on, and wise !
      Life for me in 2016 has been extra challenging, by dealing with tough situations created by someone else totally beyond my control. By embarking on more of your advice videos, I should get the confidence to pull through.

    • munrodamien

      This warms my heart to hear Tammi.

      Sending you plenty of love as you move through your tough situations of 2016. You are a beautiful soul.

      Keep affirming: “All is well, I keep moving forward and only good will come”.

      Stay beatiful.

    • Adelheid MacKenzie

      Love it! You’re so good at this Damien. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. Adelheid

    • munrodamien

      Glad you enjoyed Adelheid.

    • Catriona Jones

      You are amazing, thank you for your beautiful energy xx

    • munrodamien

      Stay beautiful Catriona. It’s wonderful hearing how this has touched you ?

    • MARLEM

      thanks a lot again… LOVE YOU !

    • munrodamien

      My absolute pleasure!

      I love you to ?

    • Dolly

      This insight would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

    • Vyolet

      It’s about time someone wrote about this.

    • Nibby

      Superb Blog!

    • Rebecca

      Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Taking a few minutes
      and actual effort to create a superb article…
      but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never seem to get nearly anything done.

    • BobbuBrowne

      Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!

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