The Negative Thought Elimination Masterclass

"Based on the philosophies of Louise L. Hay"


Sun 8th July
@ Earth & Spirit Energies Echuca

If You Knew How Negative Thinking Was Destroying Your Life...
Wouldn't You Want To Eliminate It?

If a barrage of hard to apply "self-help babble" has left you more confused
than empowered, take a beep breath and relax.

We’re about to take aim at this confusion, blow away the smoke and
make things as simple as possible.




8:30am - 5:00 pm
SUN 8th of July 2018

564 High Street - ECHUCA.

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Here's what's in it for you!

  • Ease anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Stop your little voice saying... “I’m not good enough”!
  • Let go of guilt and fear, step into your greatness
  • Be unapologetic about deserving to live the life you desire
  • Find confidence in yourself and live your happiest life!


Do you want to live your happiest life but you're stuck, holding back or playing small?
The Negative Thought Elimination Masterclass is for you.

During the past five years, Damien Munro has worked as an International Speaker, Author and Louise L. Hay "Heal Your Life" Workshop Leader and Coach. Through his transformational events and programs, Damien has helped hundreds of people overcome feelings of depression, anxiety, shame and guilt to step into their power, own their purpose and become the "happiest" person they know!

Now it's Your Turn!


I’ve learnt so much through the Shitty Thought Elimination process.

For the first time ever I feel healthy and  happy.

I now handle my life with grace and compassion. Life feels amazing!

Eliza Melbourne VIC


In just 1 day! YES 1-day we can work miracles.
First we must clear away some smoke and shitty thoughts.
Then we begin building your happiest life ever!

Given the pace of today’s world, it’s never been easier to find your ultimate happiness. Never! It doesn’t require meditating on mountains, exclusive retreats, or exotic weird practices.

It’s a simple matter of cutting through all of the hype and smoke. But it’s cutting through all of the hype and smoke that’s the hard part.

In fact, if you’re yet to develop a level of happiness, feeling of calm and peace in your life. Ones where you know the future is bright, it likely has nothing to do with you. Given the shocking amount of books, blogs and misinformation available it’s a wonder we are able to still smile at each other, much less be truly happy.

If this barrage of hard to apply self help babble has left you more confused than empowered, take a beep breath and relax.

We’re about to take aim at this confusion, blow away the hype, the smoke and make things as simple as possible. All in just 2 days!

YES! In just 2 Days! And in these 2-days we can work miracles. But first we must clear away some smoke and shitty thoughts.

And while the Negative Thought Elimination Masterclass is a deep set of processes designed to have you living your happiest life, it’s also A LOT of fun!

The positive energy of this event will ripple into your entire life and take you to where your dreams are living.

Hundreds of people around Australia have attended
this event and changed their lives!

Let me break things down for you...

Join The Shitty Thought Elimination 1-Day Event, and expect:

  • Step-by-Step Guidance

    I’ll teach you the practicalities of how to open spiritually, dissolve barriers to your dreams, open your heart fully, clear your head, take control over anxiety and stress, get the much needed space in your life and much more. I won’t hold anything back.

  • A Community Like No Other

    One of the aspects Shitty Thought Eliminator’s enjoy most is the positivity, love and support they feel. The moment you arrive, you’ll know you’ve found your tribe. You’ll be part of a soulful family, where you’ll build the kind of connections and friendships to last a lifetime. You’ll then be granted access to the private Facebook Tribe to continue your support.

  • Meets You Where You're At

    The Shitty Thought Elimination Event meets you were you’re at in your life (no matter how much you feel your life is out of whack). It’s part of what makes it such a special program. You’ll learn powerful techniques and methods to release stinking thinking! Damien can help you get out of your own way and get what you want in life!

Your only requirement is a willingness to be open and receptive.

Damien creates the perfect space and provides an experience meaningful for your personal development.

Wherever you are on your journey... this is the ultimate next step.

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As well as having a deeply transformational experience, feel nurtured and taken care of by Damien and his experienced team.

  • Specialised guidance by Damien Munro, Australia's Leading Louise Hay & Heal Your Life Workshop Leader
  • Full materials, proven techniques and practices to eliminate Stinking Thinking
  • Be immersed in the philosophy of Louise L. Hay, proven to have changed millions of people’s lives
  • Time to rejuvenate, explore, and connect to your soul
  • Gifts and surprises to delight your soul (including teas from Organics for Lilly and treats from Pana Chocolate)
  • Emotional healing causing positive ripples through all areas of your life


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NORMALLY $397! SAVE $100!!!

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If you after attending this event you believe you have not received value for money, learned how to change your thinking and improve emotional wellbeing, we will happily refund the full amount of your ticket.



Damien is a true inspiration!

He inspired me to take my personal healing and inner growth to a new level.

Through the Shitty Thought Elimination Program my spirits were lifted to new heights and everything is possible!

Lynette Perth WA


Authorised By Louise Hay & Licensed by Hay House

Damien Munro’s simple statement… “When you remove negative thinking, the only thoughts left are the positive” embodies Louise's powerful teachings in just one sentence.

Dedicated to teaching and inspiring people from all walks of life to lead happier, healthier and more successful lives as they embrace their true passion and purpose in life.

As the Teacher Trainer for Australasia, Damien is passionate about teaching this beautiful healing work. 

Damien’s teaching style is extraordinarily personal, his warm and loving energy touches the hearts of all who attend his teacher training seminars, regardless of where they are from, their lifestyle, career, or where they are at on their personal journey.

When we eliminate negative thought patterns and replace them with thoughts which build us up, our lives become positive and you can become the happiest person you know!

One day at a time I healed my fearful perceptions, deepened my spiritual practice, and took small right actions toward my dreams.

Today I’m proud to say my dreams and more have come true (and keep coming true). As an author, I’ve spoken on stages in 3 countries, been interviewed for conferences and radio worldwide and blessed to coach people through Louise Hay's methods, Workshops, and live events, helping turn their visions into reality.

What’s most important is fulfilling my mission: to help you awaken your happiest life so you can confidently live in your own unique way.

Your life matters! You deserve to be happy, live vibrantly, have loving relationships and be healthy. It's time to make your mark on this beautiful planet.

Your personal transformation has the power to make a massive imprint on the world.

I feel a deep responsibility to support every element of your journey. It’s time to step into your power so you can live your happiest life!


Event Dates & Locations


NORMALLY $397! SAVE 100!!!


9:00am - 5:00 pm
Sun 8th July 2018

564 - 566 High Street, ECHUCA.

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The real deal! Damien’s the Australian version of Louise Hay herself.

I haven’t met anyone who embodies and lives the teachings as much he as does.

There’s no one more qualified than Damien to help you create the life you deserve to live.

Tonia Wallan VIC

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