Through Damien’s teachings and healing message of Self Love, hundreds of people just like you have been able to discover and live the life of their dreams.
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Hi, it’s Damien Munro!

Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader and coach, Happiness enthusiast, Fitness Instructor & all round Life Lover. But I’m really here to tell you, most of all… I’m passionate about you and your happiness. Yes, you and your happiness!!!

I’ve literally travelled the world and taught hundreds of people just like you, that you are worth loving and that you do deserve to live an AMAZING life. But really the heart of my message is that you are good enough, perfect exactly as you are and you seriously are loveable!

In case you’re wodering how I got to be so passionate about all this… It’s because I’ve studied with and met some pretty amazing visionaries such as; Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life), Esther Hicks (Teaching of Abraham & Law of Attraction), Doreen Virtue (The Angel Lady) and Lillian Too (World of Feng Shui), to name a few.

Without further ado, I wanna welcome you to my digital world. A place where you can chill out and discover what thoughts, feelings and emotions are stopping you from living your greatness and being your most beautiful self. We’re gonna get to know eath other better through blog posts and videos on a regular basis, so make sure that you sign up below to stay in the loop.

[hoot_box type=”pushpin” color=”accent”]”The beliefs that we have about ourselves are simply ideas that someone else has planted into our minds”[/hoot_box]

Between you and I… I have this grand vision, a vision of a life where it’s safe to just be yourself, to drop pesky barriers that steal your happiness, health, love and abundance. But I’m going to need your help to do this, and I believe that when we come together we can achieve this vision.

Now just incase you’re wondering… I don’t ride unicorns, nor do I dance under the full moon with the fairies… It’s just simply not the way I roll.

I’m more of a get amongst it kinda guy… Think along the lines of #makeshithappen… So, you can put away your unicorn saddle, and snap the lid firmly closed on your fairy dust. You can still keep’em for another time, you just won’t be needing ‘em here.



Take some time to connect with your inner wisdom. Download your FREE copy of my eBook “The 12-Keys to unlocking a life you love, subscribe for regular updates and hear about my latest workshops and appearances that only share with you first through my emails. Together, we can create the life that you’ve only been able to envision in your mind up until now.
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[hoot_box type=”success” color=”accent”] No matter where you’re starting from, you can attract better relationships, improve your working life, increase your finances and feel more love for life than you’ve ever thought possible.[/hoot_box]

I look forward to meeting you at an event, workshop or online program sometime soon. Life loves you and is waiting to give you everything you could ever ask for. It all begins with being willing.

In Joy,
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Professional Profile

[hoot_three_fourth]Damien Munro is a transformational Life Coach and Motivational Speaker from Melbourne, Australia. He’s travelled throughout Europe, Asia and Australia teaching the principles of Self Love and Acceptance, assisting hundreds of people, just like you to discover and align to their life purpose and live the life of their dreams.

It is Damien’s belief that that we all deserve to live a life filled with love, joy and happiness.

Damien has trained and worked with some of the most popular and respected metaphysical teachers of our time. These include; Louise L. Hay (You Can Heal Your Life), Doreen Virtue (Messages from Your Angels) and Lillian Too (Feng Shui Academy Malaysia).[/hoot_three_fourth][hoot_one_fourth last=”yes”]

Damien Munro[/hoot_one_fourth]

When you meet with Damien, expect to have a transformational experience that will bring clarity, ease and a state of grace to your world.

After all, love is all there is!

Damien brings fast and effective results through the following tools:[hoot_list icon=”fa-check-circle”] [hoot_li]Heal Your Life Coaching[/hoot_li] [hoot_li]Retreats[/hoot_li] [hoot_li]Workshops and Info Sessions[/hoot_li] [hoot_li] Hypnotherapy[/hoot_li] [hoot_li]Kinesiology[/hoot_li] [hoot_li]Neuro Linguistic Programming[/hoot_li] [/hoot_list]

All sessions, be it private or in a workshop are delivered with compassion and a good dash of old fashioned humour!

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